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Onkyo TX-NR828 zone 2 audio problem


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This is my first post as a new avforums user.

I've just completed my house renovation and am now onto the exciting bit of connecting and configuring the home AV setup. I am told I have quite an advanced design in that I'm sending Sky HD to three different rooms, two of which I'm routing via an Onkyo tx-nr828 amp which is in a different room. Everything is linked via cat6 and I'm using Neet baluns with IR and a Neet splitter. The setup has been temperamental when introducing the splitter but works fine with direct balun connection. I also have a Neet 4x2 matrix which I haven't used yet but can introduce if needed.

I also have in-ceiling 5.1 speakers which work fine through the Onkyo amp on zone 1 and 4 in-ceiling speakers in kitchen for zone 2 and using a QED SS30 speaker switch can only get one pairs of speakers working. Have heard of zone 2 audio problems when taking hdmi feeds therefor any guidance appreciated.

My Installer hasn't worked with Neet products before but said they look fine and have no problems point to point but the splitter is suspected as causing issues. Originally recommended Wyrestorm QI matrix but couldn't justify paying 5x what I have with Neet given I'm only wanting to replicate source input and not independent source viewing.

I've run multiple cat6 cables between sky box to amp and then amp to zone 1 and zone 2 so no restrictions there.

1) any advice on getting around the splitter problem with temperamental connection?
2) any advice on fixing the zone 2 audio problem (only one pair working). This might be a problem with the amp though as I can't get a working connection from RH zone 2 speaker connection?
3) anyone know of smaller IR receptors that are compatible with Neet baluns.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


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Your AV receiver lacks the ability to output audio sourced via HDMI or S/PDIF inputs to additional audio zones. Only analog, NET or USB input sources are output from the ZONE 2/ZONE 3 LINE OUT jacks and ZONE 2 L/R terminals.

You cannot route both audio and video via the receiver's second HDMI output without losing audio via the receiver itself. You cannot simultaneously passthrough HDMI signals in their entirety while also processing the audio in in the main room via the receiver. You'd need to split the signal or signals prior to the receiver. The two HDMI outputs on the rear of the receiver are not independent of one another and simply the same HDMI output split in two. This arrangement cannot realistically facilitate a second HDMI zone.
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Thanks Dante01. So if I understand correctly then I need to introduce a splitter at the amp end then splitting two feeds into the amp, one for zone 1 and the other for zone 2? Would this solve the problem if I also introduce a Neet HDMI audio converter / Extractor stating full HDMI pass through before hooking into amp as a second input or is this unnecessary?

I have a 4x2 Neet matrix which I can use at the sky hd source end and move the 1x4 splitter to the amp (receiver) end but think I would need to get an additional 1x2 splitter too for the original tv.

Could the current setup with the zone 2 audio problem also be the reason for temperamental video and IR connection too?


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