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Onkyo TX-NR828 - noise emitted through speakers while using HTPC


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I have an 828 receiver and an Intel NUC HTCP.

When I set the receiver to the HTPC I get a noise coming from the speakers. Loading XBMC makes it much worse. The tone alters depending on what the HTPC is doing.

I had the HTPC connected to the receiver by a HDMI lead. I tried a different lead with no effect.

I thought I solved the issue by running the HDMI from the HTPC direct to the TV (Samsung F8500) and running an optical cable to the receiver. This was fine until I plugged the HDMI lead coming from the receiver output into the TV. Even though the HTPC wasn't directly connected to the receiver the noise re-appeared.

I have all the living room AV equipment on one extension so they all share the same earth. I've tidied up the cabling as best as I can and not looped cables to create a field.

I have two options to try over the weekend. Switch out the receiver for a spare and see if it makes a noise and switch out the NUC to my gaming PC and see if that makes a noise.

Anyone else come across this?


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Does the noise change as you move the cursor? Is the AVR connected to motherboards built in HDMI out?

If the answer is yes to above then I had a similar issue with one of my haswell based htpcs. The problem went away after I got a dedicated graphics card. I have no idea what caused it or if in fact it'll resolve your issue but certainly worth looking into.


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Unfortunately the NUC is one of these tiny PC jobs so can't make physical changes to it.

Plugged my gaming PC into the receiver and no buzzing - on a seperate card.

Tried the NUC in my bedroom and the buzz is there but nowhere near as bad (it does alter pitch depending on cursor movement or what the NUC is doing) guess I'll just have to relocate the NUC to my bedroom.


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The noise is probably due to the power supply. You could try a universal laptop PSU set to the same voltage. I have found the Maplin auto-switching one is excellent for curing noise problems, as it does not have an earth connection.

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