Onkyo TX-NR807 and sound problems

fetid dingo

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Been a very happy owner for 6 months. Its been in use everyday.

Today, I find that all the speaker icons have disappeared and its not producing any sound at all. Audyssey hangs when i try and run a test (Wait and flashing Audyssey). Have gone down the power down/up and switch to unused HDMI input fixes i've seen reported... nothing changed. Resorted to a reset. Still no sound. Pictures still coming through fine (all sources). Headphones work off the tuner, and other analog inputs... but nothing from HDMI.

Could it be a setting i've got wrong...? I've seen a couple of posts on this - think they resulted in a swap out. Seems unlikelys to be a setting isue as it was working perfectly.

Anyone got any more ideas before I contact Richer Sounds tomorrow?

fetid dingo

Standard Member
Anyone? Just tried disconnecting all HDMI - connecting to Tuner (another suggestion) and still nothing.

If there's no 807 out there (seems to be not much stock left) what should i be looking at now? 1007?


Standard Member
I had this issue 4 days ago, my brother did something he shouldn't when he hooked up his xbox to the reciever. I had the same problems, - got picture, but no sound at all.

In my case i had some problems with the zones without knowing.
What i did was pulling down the front panel on the receiver and hit the zone button.
It didn't really make sense, but it fixed it.

You may have the same problem :)

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