Onkyo TX-NR757 HDMI Issue (all audio works)


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I have an Onkyo TX-NR757 with a pretty perplexing video issue. I have read through tons of posts describing HDMI board failures with Onkyo recievers but the majority of those describe symptoms that I simply don't have. Things like sporadic cutouts, a Thermal Error message at startup, front panel speaker array display issues, etc.....this particular reciever has none of these. No error messages are displayed or stored in memory, and no audio issues (other than through HDMI) present themselves as far as I can tell. It SOUNDS great as long as optical is being used.

What it doesn't do is allow any HDMI video signal to be decoded or even pass through to any television. To be clear, the OSD works....all setup menus, volume changes, and info boxes are visible and can be used as normal. Even the CEC functionality works to an extent because automatic power off/on and input changes are being transmitted to whatever TV is attached (we have tried multiple, along with verified working high speed HDMI cables).

In any scenario, regardless of HDMI input, HDMI output, cables being used, TVs attached, settings on either device, content resolution or standard, all that is visible is a blue screen with the recievers OSD as an overlay.

As far as troubleshooting that's already been attempted.....in addition to all the normal things like different cables, different TVs, different HDMI ports, etc.....the firmware has been updated to the latest version (as of July 1, 2021), a Factory Reset was applied (multiple times), a spare HDMI board from a non-functioning (Thermal Error) TX-NR656 was transplanted into the 757 to try and narrow things down, and a few other things involving self diagnostics following the instructions in the service manual.

So....with all that in mind, does anyone have any other suggestions or plans of attack? The receiver has been this way for about a year now. It's not a huge deal considering the audio works fine through optical, and the TV it's attached to has plenty of HDMI ports, but it sure would be nice to clean up some of the cabling in there. And, you know, actually use all the features on the reciever.

Thanks in advance.


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Think you've gone as far as you can

Time to go shopping 😁

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