Onkyo TX NR727 4k pass through issue


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Here is my long and somewhat convoluted tale of issues. Thanks for your advice and pardon the structure of my stream of thought sentences.

So my previous setup was an Onkyo TXNR727 with a full set of HMDI devices all ran to a Epson Powerlite Home Cinema. Never had any issues excepting a replacement from Onkyo for the receiver (sound died on a few HDMI slots. not happy with their quality anymore and will be replacing it with another manufacturer eventually).

So the start of all my problems is here.
Last night we bought a 75" Samsung NU6900 4kUHD. The projector just wasn't cutting it any more for clarity or gaming and the TV makes for a decent picture upgrade.

Once we got the TV I removed all the antiquated consoles from the home theater system (Xbox, 360, PS1, PS2, PS3, Wii) and I only hooked up my PC (via a redmere cable), and my Xbox 1. The Nintendo switch also sometimes uses the red-mere HDMI cable that the PC has too. In case anyone asks, everything is run into my Onkyo and then to the TV.

First we tested out the Nintendo switch and it worked great. Then when playing the Xbox I noticed horizontal lines and some lag. I checked my output resolution settings and that is when I discovered that it was still 1080p. I then checked the 4k test and it claims my TV doesn't support 4k with a note that the AV receiver could be at fault. Next I unplugged the hdmi from the Onkyo and plugged it directly from the Xbox to the TV and low and behold I have 4k with no lagging or horizontal lines. The receiver advertised as a 4k pass through device, does this mean that my Xbox wont allow for 4k pass through? I'm considering running an optical audio from the xbox to the Onkyo to avoid replacing the AV unit immediately but I am hoping there is a feature buried in the menu that might fix the issue.

Next issue, involves my PC. Last night I hooked up my PC to the same cable that the Switch was using and the TV would display just fine until I went to play a video and then it would black out and then blue screen. This also occurred randomly on its own every once and a while but it could be triggered by starting a video. I unplugged my PC monitor and left just the HDMI for the TV and had the same results. I also ran the Redmere HDMI directly from the PC to the TV. Then this morning I tried again and the TV works. I don't like problems that solve themselves. I'd like to know if anyone has any clues on what could have fixed this. I was thinking the resolution difference between my 1440p monitor and 4k TV might have taxed my 1080TI graphics card but that wouldn't make sense since I can run the monitor, projector, and a VR display off the card without breaking a virtual sweat.

Recommendations on a quality AV home theater head are cool too. I have a set of Klipsch speakers with bookshelves in the back, a center, and 2 RP-280FA's up front with a 15" subwoofer.


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Your 5 year old Onkyo TX-NT727 does not support HDMI 2.0 (or higher) with HDCP 2.2 and therefore cannot pass UHD signals. The "4K pass-through" is "true", but irrelevant in your context, as there are no 4K sources other than some PCs that can be passed with an older HDMI version, and UHD content requires HDCP 2.2..

You will either need to replace the AVR or bypass it for the video signal (as you have suggested).


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That is exactly the type of information I wouldn't have known and seems to be obscure enough to have been missed on google. I've been out of the home theater game for a few years and my knowledge is outdated. I didn't even know about HDCP 2.2

It doesn't say so in the specifications but is the Samsung NU6900 HDCP 2.2 compliant? It seems to be since it supports HDR but that info is off of a bestbuy question. I'm going to return this if it won't age well.

Do you have any recommendations on a receiver to fit my needs? Only needs 4 inputs, 1 output, and enough amplifier power to make my neighbors listen to Guilhelm Desq when I do. I know Onkyo is rather trash nowadays and 5 years ago Denon seemed to be the wise choice. I just see a lot of cheap home theater systems now adays compared to what there used to be.


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Or would an HDMI switch with an optical audio cable from the TV to the receiver be a better option for now? That way I can set more money aside to buy and research a quality AV receiver.


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The Samsung NU6900 is fully HDCP 2.2 compliant.

I'd suggest that you look at more recent rceivers as opposed to looking at receivers that are 5 years old. Newer models will more readilly support difference forms of HDR such as HDR10, Dolby Vision and HLG. This may not be an issue now, but may become one oin relation to new sources you may want to add to your setup in the not so distant future. Samsung don't support Dolby Vision HDR anyway, but you may want support for at least HDR10 which will be supported by your TV.

I'm under the impression that you are located in the USA? This makes it difficult to recomend options to you based upon price. Denon receivers tend to sell for less here in the UK and are often recommend in instances such as yours.

Maybe list some of the receivers that have interested you or drawn your attention and the UK members here can then express their opinion of them.

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