Onkyo TX-NR686 has very low volume in Zone 2. The receiver gets hot when zone 2 is used. I have to turn out the volume to 65+to get even decent volume


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I just installed 2 Polk Atrium4 speakers outside on my patio. I’ve wired them to Zone 2 on my Onkyo TX-NR686. When I play sound through zone 2, the sound is nearly inaudible unless I crank up the volume to 65+. If I hit 70, the receiver shuts off. Upon restart, it performs an amp diagnostic and runs through the speaker channels. Ultimately, it says check speaker wire. I’ve done that can can’t find any crossed wires.
The wire run is around 75 feet long and has splices inch 4 places. I’ve checked them all.
Any help is appreciated.


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It sounds like a fault in the cables. Maybe a short or maybe just too high a resistance if the cable is long and thin.

Try connecting the speakers closer to the amp with known good, or at least different, cables. This might confirm that the amp and speakers are okay and the cables are at fault. On the other hand, it might show that the cable is innocent so it's the amp or speakers. Do you have some other speakers that you could connect to zone 2 as a test?

Do you have a multimeter? If so then disconnect the cable at both ends and measure the resistance between the two wires. It should be infinite. Also measure the resistance of the cable. Repeat the test but connect the wires at the other end. (Remember to disconnect from the amp and speakers before these tests.

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