Onkyo TX-NR676 video issue mostly in PS4 YT App


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I just purchased an Onkyo TX-NR676 receiver.
TV is Hisense 55DU6500

I have a Playstation 4 and my PC hooked up via HDMI to the receiver. The receiver outputs sound to the speakers, and video to the TV via HDMI

With the PC hooked up, the video is near perfect, but every so often while scrolling through Amazon Prime Video for something to watch, the screen will flicker for a split second, almost unnoticeable.

That is the smaller of the issues......

The other issue is when using the Playstation 4, the video will cut out and remain out at different times. In order to get video back, I have to shutoff receiver, turn it on, or change inputs on the TV back and forth.

It is hard to tell if it only occurs in one app or not, because I just haven't had the time to sit and wait for an instance of it to occur in every possible app. However, I can replicate the issue 100% of the time doing this...

When using the Youtube App, on a specific video, at the exact same moment, the video cuts out. I can hear my PS4 controller inputs and the audio fine, but the video cuts out. Waiting about 15 seconds sometimes allows it to come back, sometimes I need to power cycle or change inputs....

It does it on some other videos as well. I have let the video play from the beginning, I have fast forwarded to just 5 seconds before the time it occurs... Without fail, it cuts video out every time. I played the video through Youtube using the browser, and it DOESN'T happen. I also plugged the receiver up to my 6 year old PC monitor, and the issue does not occur. I watched videos in the Amazon Prime Video App, and did not notice a problem thus far.

I exchanged the receiver for another one at Best Buy, tried different ports on both TV and receiver, tried different cables all rated HDMI 2.0b, updated firmware, but still no resolution. The only thing I can't attempt to try is another similar spec'd T.V.

So specifically, in the Youtube App on the Playstation, this particular frame of video on a certain video causes the issue.

I'm in a technical field outside of video specifically, so I am aware of just certain incompatibilities etc., but I wanted to ask some questions...

1) Is this in the realm of normal based on other weird issues you have probably seen? It seems to mostly be isolated to the Youtube App on my PS4, and some occasional (though much less severe) flickers on Amazon Prime Video website on my PC

2) What happens when you send an HDR signal through the receiver to the TV, if any one of those things in the chain is NOT HDR compatible? No video? Just no HDR enhancement? Other weirdness?

3) Is this particular problem a cause for concern? Should I get a refund for this and find a different receiver? Maybe it's an issue with the TV, though I have not had issues with it until the receiver joined the part.

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