Onkyo TX-NR636 initial setup issue


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Hi All,

First post here and hoping someone might have a suggestion before I assume that my receiver is bad. I purchased the TX-NR636 used so I'm sure it is possible.

I'm using the receiver with 2 Klipsch R-28F speakers and no sub.

I am able to listen to music, TV, etc with this setup so I'm confident that everything is working for the most part, but I'm having issues with the speaker/room calibration (accuEQ).

I'm not hearing any noise coming from the left channel and so the speaker test fails. I then went into speaker setup > level calibration and am unable to hear pink noise through the left channel (but I am able to hear it through the right channel). I tried connecting to the other binding posts on the left speaker but no luck. I tried different speaker wire and different banana connectors but no luck. I then switched the outputs such that the right output on the amp was running to the left speaker and I could hear pink noise. So it appears the the issue I'm having is with the left output on the receiver.

I'm wondering if maybe somehow there is some setting which might be selected that shouldn't be? Other than that I'm out of ideas. It's very odd because I'm
able to listen to pandora via the receiver (with audio from both speakers), cable TV (both speakers) and Netflix from the smart tv (via an optical cable and can hear on both speakers).

Am I doing something wrong or does this just sound like an Onkyo problem?


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It sounds as though you've a hardware fault with your receiver as opposed to the problem being caused by a settings issue.


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It looks like you are right. I listened more closely when I was running pink noise through the right channel and realized that both speakers were outputting pink noise. I guess there is some issue with connections internally :(

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