Onkyo TX-NR609 Zone 2 connection question


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Hello AV experts,

I have an Onkyo TX-NR609 A/V receiver. I can't get my DVD player (Pioneer HTZ-424DVD) to work on zone 2. I am using RCA (Red and white) cables for my connection. (Line out of my receiver and line in over my DVD player.)

Just followed this manual: https://www.intl.onkyo.com/downloads/manuals/pdf/tx-nr609_manual_e.pdf

Take note, I didn't hook up the video output on my DVD player since I'll just use it as an "amplifier" for my speakers which are connected to it, so I don't need a display.

What I am trying to accomplish here, is to get the speakers connected to the dvd player to play the same audio on PC, GAME and CBL/SAT channels from the receiver using zone 2. Is this even possible with my receiver?

Another note: PC, GAME and CBL/SAT channels are all connected via HDMI cables.

To see the configurations and settings I did, kindly refer to the images below:

display-settings - LCD Display settings
dvd-plugs-connection - DVD connections
PC-GAME-and-CBLSAT-connections - PC, GAME and CBL/SAT back port connections
receiver-plugs-connection - Receiver zone 2 connections
System-settings - speaker settings

I hope you guys can assist me regarding this matter.

Thanks in advance!

Aaron Chichioco


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I was always under the assumption zone 2 will just play the material from the receiver to speakers that are set up under than zone 2. I dont think you have have 2 source materials going at the same time as its usually just 1 input at a time.

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