Onkyo TX-NR609 & Samsung D6530 setup


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I am at a loss as to how to setup the Onkyo 609 with the Samsung D6530 so I cna get sound out through the onkyo and the connected surround sound speakers.

The issue I have is that the TV is only acting as an output for devices connected to the AVR so do I need to somehow make an input from the TV to the received for the audio? If so what connections do I need to make?

Please can someone point me in the correct direction as I am going around in circles over this?

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You could connect digital audio out (optical) from TV to AVR. But it's better if you connect the player device (setup box/ virgin box/ Blueray player/ etc) to AVR using HDMI cable. But sometimes, people have problem no sound when using HDMI direct to AVR (IN) and only one HDMI (OUT) AVR to TV. In that case, you connect HDMI from device to TV and optical cable to AVR.


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Depends on quite a few factors. What is your source like cable TV directly plugged into TV or Blu ray player ? How is it connected with your TV?

If you are connecting via Onkyo, again what cable are you using to connect?

If you are watching in TV to some source that is connected directly to TV, you need to check your TV manual to see if the TV is capable of returning audio to the Receiver using ARC enabled HDMI output. If so you might get away with out the need for another optical cable.


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The TV has inbuilt freeview HD so it cannot be connected through HDMI. I need to somehow connect the tv's video and audio thtough the AVR. So would the optical cable to the AVR? WOuld this give a full HD picture still? How would the audio be connected to the AVR for surround sound also?

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