Onkyo TX-NR609 Remote control response


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I've spoken to Richer Sounds about this but they haven't come across this problem before and suggest I contact Onkyo after sales (I've only had this unit a week). Has anyone else had this issue..?

When in the USB or NET menus, I'm initially able to navigate and select options. e.g. play internet radio, play music from my TwonkyMedia server, or play music from a USB drive. However, when something has been playing for a number of minutes this ALWAYS results in many of the remote control buttons not working (the direction arrows, enter, return, forward, back, pause, play). The remote still appears to function as the signal light comes on when anything is pressed and other buttons work fine, but the unit doesn't respond to the buttons I've mentioned (the unit continues to play the source with no issues). Interestingly, the equivalent buttons on the unit itself DO still work. This isn't a problem with my network/router/media server as other devices continue to work perfectly and it also happens when playing music from a USB drive when the unit isn't networked at all. The only way to overcome this problem is to re-select the 'Input Selector' on the remote to take me back to the top level menu option for USB or NET (as these buttons do still work). Also interestingly, the SET UP button works and takes me to the receiver's set up menu where ALL the control buttons then start to work again.


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I have this receiver. I was under the impression that it is just very picky on which input you select. However, after pressing NET or USB, im fairly sure my stop/play/rewind/forward buttons continue to work (as they should) and I have to press receiver again only if I want to enter set up.


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I'm afraid mine's going back to Richer Sounds in tomorrow. The front L/R channels crackle and hiss (even when no source is connected or playing). I can temporarily completely silence them by going into the Audyssey settings and toggling something (or switching Audyssey off completely) but as soon as I play a source the crackle comes back again.. even when the source is stopped, and this crackle stays until I toggle an Audyssey setting again. The rear channels are absolutely fine (as tested in all-channel-stereo, and by swapping my speakers around). A massive shame... I'd heard many good things about this amp.


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Yes! I have the same problem occasionally. Its a niggle that I solve by switching 'activities' (e.g I press cable/sat then switch back to net). I should really send it back but I'm honestly not that put out.

Whats really weird is my harmony remote didn't work once I entered net mode. I had to get Logitech to send a new set of codes to my account

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