Onkyo TX-NR609 Problem with picture


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Hello all,
I have just got my new TX-NR609 as the start of my first proper AV setup and im having problems already!
I got it all setup and connected it to my tv and powered it up to find that i was greeted with a pinky coloured screen. I then tryed playing a dvd through my old sony dvd player and the picture went fine for less than 30 seconds and then flicked back to a weird hue all across the screen. I have tryed playing with all the settings i can think of with the TV, DVD player and the amp but still no joy :(

My Current setup is:
Onkyo TX-NR609
LG 50PX4D (720p)< Old i know but all ive got for the moment
Sony DAV-DZ111
Sony PS3

Onkyo is connected to the tv via 1.5m Hyundai HDMI cable and dvd player and PS3 are connected via Component.

Here are some pictures and a video.
Any suggestions?

Youtube: Pink Screen Problem - YouTube



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Try a different cable first. Though I suspect it's the TV given it's age and the tendancy in the early days of HDMI for lots of issues.


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Also why are you using component? Instead of HDMI for your sources at least in the case of the PS3. Have you definately wired up your component leads correctly.


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Try a different cable first. Though I suspect it's the TV given it's age and the tendancy in the early days of HDMI for lots of issues.
From everything i have tryed it is all pointing to the tv!

I am using component because its what i got with the PS3 and the dvd player hasnt got hdmi.
I have just tryed the PS3 connected directly to the tv via HDMI and the same pink screen appered after 10 seconds.
Unplug the hdmo from the tv and reconnect and its fine again for a few seconds.

The ps3 plays games fine connected to the component on the back of the tv but still wont play DVD or Bluray without the pink tint.


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Have you tried a different HDMI cable.


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Yer have tryed 3 different HDMI's but no luck :(


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There should be a setting either in the source device or the TV to change the colourspace that is being sent or received. I get this pink issue on my Pioneer TV when I try to feed it anything other than an RGB feed. Check that your sources aren't sending/receiving YCbCr signals.


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Thanks for you reply steelman1991, i checked all of the settings and they are fine.

Think im in need of a new TV!

Have managed to get the misses to agree ;)
So now its time to find a decent tv!

Any ideas on the best tv for around £600, Would like 50inch 1080p Full HD, FreeviewHD, possibly 3D but not too botherd. Main use would be for movies through PS3.

I have been looking at the LG 47LW450U but its only 47inch.
Now ive seen the LG 47LW550T but the price is getting a bit high.

To many tvs out there! I just want the best tv for the money.
Any ideas guys.
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You could post that question HERE

Good luck,



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i think what steelman1991 says is worth looking at in the tv menu you should be able to select signal type rgb or ycbcr 4.2.4 or ycbcr 4.4.4 and maybe colour matrix itu709 or itu601.
if you spend a grand alot of places are selling the 60" sharp for that at the moment led 1080p.
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