Onkyo TX-NR609 - a couple of questions by a rookie.


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i recently picked up my brand new jamo s 606 hcs 3 speakerset
and a tx-nr609 from onkyo. i just have a few simple questions, and i really hope
someone here could help me out. :)

i listen alot to spotify and internet radio on my pc, and this is something i really wanted to do with my new setup in the living room.. this is why i purchased a uwf-1 wireless adapter for my receiver. installation went flawlessly, and i also got the newest firmware installed.

this now leads up to my question:

my average signal strength is about 35-40%.
this is because the wireless network router im connected to is located in the 2nd floor of my house, and the receiver is also behind a "brick" wall.
when im playing music through spotify the volume often goes UP and DOWN.. sometimes it can be really low.. then suddenly it "peaks up" to its normal state. the music also sounds "distorted" and wierd". not allways, but almost all the time.. especially noticeable when im playing "soft" and chilled out songs.

could this be caused by bad reception? the exact same thing happens when im streaming internet radio via vtuner, but in contrast to spotify this also stops ALOT for buffering.

im hoping this is due to bad reception, and nothing more.. i still havent tried out with a normal ethernet cable, but well.. what do you guys make of this?
do i need to worry?

the other thing i was meaning to ask you guys about:

whenever i am in NET-mode and pressing the audio (home) button on my remote the audio-options appear. however, at this point i cannot navigate or change the settings with my remote.. yet other functions seem to work well (like pressing NET to get back). using the "onboard" buttons on the receiver itself works, so this is the only way i manage to alter the settings in the NET audio screen. why doesnt my remote function in this perticular case?
its kind of boring to approach my receiver every time i need to change some settings for the NET-input.. just cause my remote for some reason doesnt respond. (the IR light still lights up when i press buttons) but nothing happens.

what do you guys think?

please help me.. :) these two "issues" are bothering me green :D << :p

oh, and merry xmas!


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Hi there,

This sounds more of a computer setup type issue than perhaps an issue with the receiver, 35-40% sounds not too bad but for a PC that would not be very strong at all you would want to be getting a very good signal to stream sound and video over wireless without any issues.

There are a number of things I would check if I were in your situation, firstly check your broadband quality coming in to the building, you could do this with something called speedtest, if it's low then turn off the router and turn it on again after about 30secs, if it's still low then try the actual bt speedtester because sometimes depending on your ISP the speedtester site may not be prioritised on their system and show a low speed.

If you get a good speed, perhaps 3-4Mbits per sec and higher shouldn't be too bad for streaming audio then get hold of a laptop or PC (of decent quality not one that runs slow) then try your spotify through this sitting right on top of the router so signal strength and interference shouldn't become an issue, if that is still bad then try plugging in an ethernet cable and try that, if things improve then it could be an issue with the wireless config, perhaps changing the channel on the router might help this.

When you have another device running nicely using the wireless then you want to start moving away from the router back towards the receiver location and perhaps find out where you start to develop loss in the signal quality.

There are a few different devices you can get that can sometimes help, a wireless repeater (good qualtiy one) that could sit part way between the router and receiver and amplify the signal a bit.

You could try something called a powerline ethernet adapter, this is a device that plugs in to the router and at the receiver with a cable, it then uses the current power cables in your home to get a connection where before it was not possible, the only problem you may find with this setup is they are reliant on signal strength again but sometimes they can sort the problem.

By far the best way would be to run an ethernet cable from the router either direct in the receiver or a wireless access point somewhere downstairs.

I don't really have an opinion on your second question I'm afraid.

Hope this helps.

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