Onkyo TX-NR555 - NG LR BLBR DET.PROTECT:I error for the 3rd time! The question is, why?


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So this is a head scratcher. For the 3rd time, my Onkyo TX-NR555 AVR has stopped working with the NG LR BLBR DET.PROTECT:I error. This first happened at the end of January 2020 and then again at the end of September 2020 (and now the end of April) - so 9 months and 7 months apart each time.
The past 2 times I've used a local electrical repairer. They charge £29 as a standard inspection fee. Each time they say they haven't done anything to get it working again and when I spoke to them over the weekend their notes don't even say they had to reset it (but the man I spoke to acknowledged that it might not have been written down).
Thanks to posts on here, I've worked out how to do a full reset (using the combination of Enter/Power and CblSat/Power), which is great.
But I really want to know why it does this??? I know that the error code suggests a shorted speaker cable, but I'm certain that's not the cause. So I've considered the other things that have changed.
It was in use in our old house for years, in a bi-wired 7.1 installation, with no issues. When we moved, the space in the lounge only suited 5.1 but I could bi-amp the speakers, so I did (but with the same 5 speakers). It's stored on the same shelf of the same piece of furniture that it had been for the previous 8 years. It's about 4 months after setting it up in the new house that the first issue happened. The only changes between old and new are:
• bi-wire 7.1 changed to bi-amp 5.1
• new speaker cable for the rears
• there was work being done in the house, so some dust caused, but not excessive
• between issue 1 and 2, I rewired all of the banana plugs to rear rather than side to completely reduce the chance of cables touching
I've run out of ideas. It seems to be fixed for now, but I want to now how to prevent it in future.

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