Onkyo TX-NR509; sound stays on when tv is off


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Hi All,

I recently bought an Onkyo TX-NR509 AV receiver.

I have wired my cable box into the receiver via hdmi and then from the hdmi out from the receiver into a hdmi port in the tv.

This works great until you switch off the tv.
The sounds still stays on. is there any way to turn the sound off when you switch the TV off? i understand that i can turn off the receiver too, but i want to know how not to output sound when the tv is off.

Should it be wired differently? any other suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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Turn on HDMI CEC on the TV if it has that feature and on the receiver. Viera Link, Bravia Sync, Anynet+ etc. are examples of HDMI CEC.


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perfect! that worked. thanks.

I have a samsung tv which has anynet+.

I have just 1 mor small issue from this. when the reciever is turned back on, it defaults to tv/vcr. any way of me defaulting this to the cable output?


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That's the trouble with HDMI CEC. It simplifies simple setups i.e. those with little or no sources and introduces glitches when it should solve them.

Hmm, thinking out loud, are you using Audio Return Channel? If not, there is probably no way around it. I would have thought that the receiver would select the last used input but HDMI CEC is probably overriding it.

I wouldn't use it and would get a Logitech Harmony remote. Once programmed they will turn on and select the relevant inputs on both AV Receiver and TV at the press of one button.


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nope, i will give it try tmw evening now. I do have HDMI2 on the TV whcih has ARC. currently its connected to HDMI1.

I have found a way around for this just a little while ago. my cable box was in cbl/sat and hdmi3 was pointing to this. i instead pointed hdmi3 to tv/cd and now it works.

Thanks for your help though.

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