Onkyo TX-NR509; sound cutting in and out


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Hi All,

I have been having issues with lipsync recently.
Even though the lipsync is on, it is doesnt seem to work.

The old setup was: cable box hdmi lead into the av receiver and then a hdmo from the receiver to the tv.

To resolve this, I changed how it was wired up so the new setup is now: the cable hdmi lead into the tv and then then hdmi(arc) from the tv to the receiver.

However, doing it this way, the audio cuts out for about a second every few mins and then cuts back in again.

Does anyone know what this issue is and how to resolve it?

Thanks in advance.


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i think the first way you had it set up was the best

1, re insert the hdmi cables make sure they are secure
2, get the latest firmware for the receiver
3, try a different hdmi lead in case its faulty


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Moved as this is an Onkyo specific question

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