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Onkyo TX-NR509 and the TV/CD 'problem'


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Hey everybody, I have looked through the manual on this subject and searched here and looked around the internet. I still can't seem to get the result I want and I find it hard to believe that the equipment is designed this way, so I think I am missing something and I am hoping one of you can help.

I have a Samsung UE55D8000, a Onkyo TX-NR509 amp, Sky +HD and some other stuff such as PS3 and Samsung blu ray player. I do not use any feed FROM the TV at all, my only 'TV' watching is through the Sky box.

I have all the devices connected to the amp on different HDMI ports, then the HDMI out from the amp going to HDMI 1 (I have also tried HDMI 2) on the TV. I have the Anynet + feature enabled. When I switch the TV on and the Sky box on, the amp switches on after a few seconds, switches to the correct source but then switches to TV/CD. I understand this is because it is thinking that I want to listen to the audio feed from the TV but under 'HDMI Setup' on the amp I have set Audio Return Ch to off. I don't want to switch HDMI Ctrl off totally because then it will not switch sources automatically.

Am I doing something wrong or is this simply the way it works and the best thing for me to do is switch HDMI Ctrl off and just switch sources etc manually?

Thanks for any input and I am sorry if this is going over ground that I have missed when searching.


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To be honest, I don't see why it should be switching channels. I understand why it won't switch to SKY automatically - that's because the SKY box is brain-dead and autistic, and accordingly refuses to tell the amp that it wants switching to. Yell at Sky if it makes you feel better, but it won't help - they don't lose enough sales for it to be worth their effort to conform to the HDMI CEC standard.

The problem though, is that that doesn't explain why the TV should be telling the amp to switch to the TV. The TV is supposed to be smart enough to know that if it's receiving its signal on an HDMI input, then it should not be switching that HDMI source (the amp, as far as the TV is concerned) as that would be self-defeating. Perhaps there's a firmware bug in the TV?

That is, unless your TV turns on with an "internal channel" selected by default., If that is the case, it does need to tell the amp to switch (ARC). My understanding is that you're using the TV to bring the amp out of standby, so the TV won't be sending an HDMI signal to the TV's input initially. When its powered up it will send an HDMI signal and this will subsequently switch the TV to its HDMI input. But by then the TV will already have told the amp to switch to the TV.

To test this, power the amp down physically, and examine the TV's behaviour when you turn the TV on. The problem should also not occur with the Samsung BD player, which should be smart enough. Please post back with the answers.

This might be addressable by disabling ARC on the TV (disabling ARC on the amp merely tells the amp to ignore the audio return from the TV), so you could give it a try. Of course, in an ideal world the satellite box would revert the TV to it, but as already explained, SKY boxes have been designed differently.
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Very interesting information, thanks very much for providing it. I always update my TV to the latest firmware, so hopefully it isn't still a bug that is present in the firmware. I always have my TV switched to HDMI 2 also but I see your point that it may not be seeing any response from HDMI in the instant before the amp comes out of standby.

I wish there was a way of totally disabling the internal tuner. I don't think there is an option on the Samsung to disable ARC? It has a dedicated ARC HDMI with is HDMI 2 but I have also tried the non ARC HDMI 1 and it does the same thing :(

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