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Onkyo TX-NR5010 no sound problem


Novice Member

I recently needed to install a Onkyo TX-NR5010 for my sister whom moved to a new house.

I installed everything like it was in the old situation (from a working configuration when it was moved into storage).

However whatever I try I don't get a single bit of sound from HDMI/aux/optical cable.
The only sound I get is a light popping sound when I change the volume (this sound doesn't increase or decrease in volume).
The HDMI port is putting trough the video the way it should, just no audio.

  • I've set up the loudspeaker configuration in different ways (stereo, 5.0, center only, 5.1). Different frequencies.
  • Tried with 6 & 8 ohm speakers with all possible loudspeaker configuration settings. (Q Acoustics & Monitor Audio speakers)
  • Tried all possible sound programs.
  • Reset the machine a couple of times.
  • Cleaned the HDMI board with contact cleaner.
  • Flashed the latest firmware.
  • Tried with sound input from different HDMI devices/tuner/online radio/usb/aux.
  • Reheated the DTS chip on the HDMI board with an airgun for the solder to re-flow (according to a YouTube repair video).
All of this resulted in no change to the behavior of the receiver.

I'm at a loss what could be done next.
I know the HDMI board on this model can go bad and sometimes need to be replaced. This would set me back ~150euro or I could try the slight possibility Onkyo might still fix this.
Another option is giving up on the receiver and getting a replacement ~1000-1500euro.

If someone has any idea on how to fix this, knows where to look next
it would be greatly appreciated!


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Do the steps below and let me know, what do you see at Dsp and Dsp2.


  • E714485C-EAC1-495C-9CA0-AF3F62616681.jpeg
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DSP 1st/NET:
DSP 2nd:


  • IMG_20210415_184658.jpg
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Thanks for that. From what I can see, both DSPs are working, so perhaps issue is with ASP circuit. It's the IC that gets analog audio from DAC, work as a input switch, volume and tone control etc.
It's really hard to tell what's wrong without proper troubleshooting. At least we know, the very well known audio issue is not the culprit in this case.

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