Onkyo TX 609 HDMI detection problem


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A few times now I have seen the same issue when turning on my Onkyo 609.

I fire up the amp, and an Xbox 360, and switch the channel to 'game'. The amp display flash as 'hdmi' but then it disappears and displays analogue.

In the Xbox 360 settings it shows that it hasn't detected the hdmi connection
(shows as dvi) and there is no audio (as the audio is going down the HDMI).

Has anyone else seen their HDMI connection fail-over to analogue?



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I am an italian boy and I have your same problem with Onkyo 609: the amp display flash as hdmi and than appear 'analog', to resolve this problem I have to toggle power cord from the wall. Do you resolve this problem? And If YES, how?
Thanks for your attention.
Ettore Catania


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I am having exactly the same problem. Its only when you switch it on and after about 5 seconds it reverts to analog instead of HDMI . The sound comes on and the switches off and there doesn't seem to be a way to get it back. Hope someone knows what the answer is. Last night I got it working after turning the tv on/off 10 times.


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I had the same issue even when just having the AMP and TV connected. The only solution that worked was to use S/PDIF for the audio over TOSLINK rather than carrying the audio over HDMI.

I guess it's due to incompatible HDMI implementations.
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