Onkyo TX 607 repair no Display

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    Today I will try to show how can you repair an Onkyo TX-607 no image on the VFD display. In my case it get damage after a storm.
    Hopefully it is repaireble and it's easy to do.
    I was able to find the complete Service Manual containing all the schematics to search for the problem. This Service Manual is atached bellow in case you need it.
    First remove all the cables from your amp and disconnect it from the power and lets open it up. There are some screws in the back.If you find this part dificult you can check on the Service Manual how to disassemble it.
    You will need to remove the top board gently and then acess to the board named BAVD-0038.See pictures
    After you have removed it, measure the resistor R9010.
    Test it with a multimeter and if i tis open this is the problem. The value of the resitor is 2.2 Ohms and this is the line that provides power to the VFD display.You have to disolder it and put a new one.
    After doing this my Onkyo now lights the display again and I'm happy again
    Any questions just ask
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