Onkyo TR-NR545 Subwoofer Query


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I am new to the forum and hope I have asked this in the correct place.

I have an old Onkyo TR-NR545 amp which I am looking to move to the kitchen and use as an amp to feed my ceiling speakers for audio-only. Objective is to avoid buying a Sonos Amp. I have an Apple TV connected to it so I can use AirPlay 2 along with the Sonos Arc setup I have in the sitting room.

Noticed that the bass is pretty non-existent (speaking are KEF so reasonable quality).

Is there a way to have the amp as a 2.0 setup instead of me having to plug in an old amp? Just that having this large amp and a large sub in the kitchen is not pretty, although it is functional. I tried connecting the speakers to Zone 2 but same issue with lack of bass.




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If wanting more bass without having to add an external sub then you'd need to use bigger speakers. It is ordinarilly the size of the passive speakers and the woofers used that limit the ability of speakers to portray lower frequency bass. This is why small sat speakers are heavilly dependant upon an additional sub for bass.
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Thanks for the reply. The speakers are KEF and the previous owner of the house used a Sonos Amp and says the bass was good. So main question is if you/anyone knows if the Onkyo Amp can be configured to a 2.0 setup. Currently it is as if it is configured for 2.1 hence there is next to 0 bass.



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KEF make a lot of speakers of varying sizes and they are not all the same with the same capabilities. The make or manufacturer is what determines their ability to portray bass. Simply stating that they are made by KEF doesn't really tell me anything of any use.

What one person determines as being acceptable will not always be in alighnment with what someone else's apraisal.

No, there's no setting on any AV receiver that would realistically compensate for using smaller speakers unable to portray lower frequency bass. You could try using various processing to try boost the frequencies, but why would this then make the speaker be any more adept at portraying them?

Simply go into the speaker configurations and the SUBWOOFER option. Turn the sub option OFF or set it to NONE. The AV receiver will then no longer output anything or redirect anything to the sub because there isn't one in the setup. This shoilld automatically set the left and right speakers as being FULL RANGE.

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