Onkyo sr705 compared to sr807


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Hi quick question but how would the 807 compare to the 705. Got a 705 that I've sold and looking for a replacement. Basically wanting few more hdmi inputs which the 807 has.

I've seen one that is new unsold stock from a shop that is unsold stock for 320 which is around price I'm after paying.

Im guessing wouldn't be much difference apart from extra inputs. Also as a side question is the sony str1040 a better amp than the 807. Apologies for questions. I'm bit out of the loop on home cinema stuff nowadays so all help appreciated,


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The 807 is an old amp so not sure where an unused one has been hiding for such a long time is anyones guess. I believe it is only 1.3 HDMI where as the 1040 is 1.4 but this will only really matter if looking to go to 3D.
What speakers do you have? The 807 in theory is a small upgrade over the 705 but depending on your speakers you will probably not hear much improvement.
The only thing that would concern me with an Onkyo is the well known HDMI issue hence I would be concerned with the long term reliability of the 807.
The 807 is quite a few levels above the Sony so would represent the better sound quality.


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I'm wondering that myself. I have kef eggs. The original ones with a 3005 centre. I like the loom of the sony which I've found for 308 new so tempting. I want more hdmis and it will be a stop gap amp till we move house in a few years the would spend more on amp as could get bigger speakers and will hopefully have seperate home cinema / games room

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