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Onkyo SR608 and banana plugs


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Has anyone actually successfully used banana plugs with this amp?

Yes, I just installed one of these at a customer's house on Friday and used banana plugs with no issues whatsoever. Our demo model in the shop also has plugs fitted to it just fine.

You are either using the wrong plugs or are not pushing them in hard enough.


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I've just done the same things as well - no problems.

I use a long, thin, self-tapping screw to pull the bungs out.



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Got it! I was obviously just too scared earlier to push hard enough, but the comments here gave me the confidence to give it another go and it worked, thanks


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I've got these:
GoldPlated Banana Plugs : Audio Banana Plugs : Maplin

And they definitely won't fit.
Looking in the instruction book, the only reference to banana plugs is against the North American version - is it possible the European version doesn't support them?

Edit: Obviously not, given both of your locations!

I am using exactly the same plugs, albeit with xxx7 model Onkyo.
These plugs are stackable - and it would be helpful if you use one of them to sort of burnish the rest of the plugs before you attach them the speaker wire. It may take some force, but it helped a lot in my case, no worries later with AVR and speakers binding posts. :smashin:


If there isn't going to be enough room in the cabinet to fix cables there isn't going to be enough ventilation, which is much more important than the controversy about banana plugs.


Very neat, you were lucky to find an attractive cabinet with just the right spaces.
I'd never enclose my Onky though, or have anything above it except the ceiling!


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Sorry to drag this up, but I've just had some Chord wiring made up expecting the 608 to take banana plugs (QED Airloc), and am pushing as hard as I can, to no avail.

Having dug out the manual: http://www.eu.onkyo.com/dl/1465323/Manual_TX-SR608_TX-SR608_En.pdf

Pg6 reads, "*8 In Europe, using banana plugs to connect speakers to an audio amplifier is prohibited"

Please tell me I've got to just give it some more welly, and I haven't ordered £100s of redundant cable!


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That sheds some light on the situation, radionotme, thanks.

However, the thread I linked seems to suggest that a brute force method opens something up... I can't quite see what though? Any suggestions?! :(

Edit: I see, its the inner black plastic ring that tightens the hole. Haven't the foggiest how I get it out though :(
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Put a screw into it, you don't have to put it in far, just enough to catch, and then the screw gives you the levarage to pull the plastic 'bung' out.
There's pics on the forum somewhere that show the after picture, with the bung attached to the screw.


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After not being able to find a wood screw anywhere in my flat, I dismantled a handle on my chest of drawers just to use that :p

Fantastic, did the trick. Easy when you know how!

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