Onkyo SR607 Upconversion Component to HDMI - How To ?


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I have an Onkyo TX-SR607 that I just purchased a few days ago. I seem to have problems setting up non-HDMI sources to be output from the HDMI output. I dug through a few threads before this, and all of the solutions given have not worked.


TV: Toshiba 37E200U LCD (1080p, 60Hz, 4 HDMI, etc.)
AVR: Onkyo TX-SR607
Installed devices:
Xbox 360-HDMI --> HDMI5 *works fine* (assigned to AUX/default)
Dell Laptop-YPbPr (component) + coax digital --> IN1 + COAX1 (assigned to DVD/BD)
Philips VCR-VLR (composite) + coax digital --> VCR/DVR IN + COAX2 (assigned to VCR/DVR)


My problem lies here, the laptop will hook up perfectly with the TV when used on the component cables, but when hooked up to the receiver on any resolution (480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i), it fails to come through the receiver and out the HDMI to the TV. I've read the manual over quite a few times, as well as looked at prior posts, but I still can't seem to get it to come through the HDMI. It's the same problem with the VCR. Anyone have any other ideas?


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I was pretty sure I typed a reply to this last night and I seem to recall that page 40 of your manual might help IIRC....


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Pg 40 just says don't assign any inputs, ie, leave them all as -----. I've tried all combinations of assigning and not assigning, and I am still unable to get the feeds through the HDMI, that's the only reason I'm posting, because I've tried all the suggestions in the posts I found.


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You'd need a scan converter if you want to put a laptop through the amp. The Tv is obviously doing it internally. I'd guess your dvd player on compisite is coming through ok?


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Initially, nothing but the XBox worked. Forgot that I never tried a hard reset. Tried it, and now all works as it should. Sorry y'all. (that's my American ignorance at work :p)

Thanks for the help.

BTW, the laptop has output settings for all NTSC/PAL and up to 1080i standards. Pretty neat.
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