Onkyo SR607 and Denon 1910 feature questions


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Jan 22, 2010
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I'm really torn on these two. I have money to burn and have a denon put to one side with Mr Richer just in case (the harder one to find). I keep deciding on the denon but just can't stop coming back to the cheaper Onkyo. I really like the fact of the extra HD connections especially the front for the occasional laptop or camera connection on the 607. but I have a bit of an issue with the zone 2 / Bi-Amping features.

Set up will be for 5.1 system with
Quad 21L as mains
Qual L centre
old yamaha NS105 for rear surrounds
with yamaha sub

I also have a set of Quad 11L in the joined dining room. (these are not required to play anything different than the main speakers they just extend the sound) I currently have these set on an old Yamaha A5 on the "B" speakers set so when I need them I just click the switch.

I know both amps offer a zone 2 but this is probably offering more than I need (playing separate source). I also am tempted to Bi-Amp the main Quad 21L's and have read that with the Onkyo its zone 2 or Bi-Amp not both. Looking at the speaker connections I thought that this would be possible but manual seems to say otherwise.

I was hoping that on the Denon I can assign the surr back to Bi-Amp (using the amp assign) then use the front B to use for the additional Quad 11L's ?? can any one confirm that?

If it comes down to the Bi-Amping issue thats the only deciding factor is it really worth the extra money? for what I have read to be a very minimal difference (if even noticeable).

I also had a few concerns regarding the HD pass through and what it could do on standby but both of these systems seem more than capable.

I feel that the denon would offer a me more for my need despite a slight preference for the onkyo (brand, features and value).

Any one help? (and sorry for such a rambling first post)

To clarify I'm looking for answers to the Bi-amping and a B type of speaker system that I can run the extra quad 11l speakers for both amps.


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