Onkyo SR605 automatic speaker setup


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Hi All,

How loud should the automatic speaker setup test tones be because they seem very quiet?

I'm starting off with just my B&W 625 speakers for now until my stands for the rears arrive later in the week. I've turned off all the unused speakers in the 2.2 Speaker Config and the SR still doesn't seem to be able to hear the test tones. Sometimes it says there's too much background noise (there's not, it's pretty silent in the room) and other times it says Speaker Detect Error.

I swapped the left and right speakers around and still not joy.

The speakers and cables are fine because I double checked them on my amp hifi amp and they work just fine. I also plugged in a pair of missions which I use in my office into the front R/L terminals and they're quiet as well when running the test tones. Faulty SR605 ?

Update: I skipped the auto setup and I get normal sound from the speakers from the SR (blooming excellent sound actually), so I'm at a loss as to why the Audassy test tones are as quiet as a mouse.

Thanks in advance.



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Problem solved. I plugged in the two Missions I was intending on using for the rear surrounds and enabled them and fired up and enabled the sub. Once I'd done that I got all the right test tones at a decent volume.

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