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Hi all, help needed.


I have a quite an old AMP that was working perfectly for 10 years every day more or less, is paired with 5.1 Infinity Beta HCS speakers.

Not a technical guy but will try to recall the events.

One morning the AMP went suddenly in protection mode after the first turn ON (red led flashing). First try.

This happened after few seconds and the AMP was not hot because last used at least 8h ago. Nothing changed in the wiring or setup in the last period.

I disconnected everything and tried to turn it on again, went in protection mode again, this was done maybe 1h from disconnection.

After 5h + i tried again and was fine, was turned on for an hour, with volume to max and no issues.

Tried again few days later, same result, all fine.

Restarted to factory settings back and wired all together, set up the digital inputs (PS4, Cable TV and TV) and used it for the afternoon and night with no issues.

Again next morning went in protection mode.

From what i read the protection mode can be caused or by heat or by voltage. Can i check what is the reason actually?

Now is in the repair shop, owner is listening the radio with the AMP for the last week, will check it next week.

Ideas? Should i change all the wiring? Max length if 5 meters, should i take 1,5mm2 or 2,5mm2?

Something i can check on the speakers or wirings with the multimeter?

Amp has possible settings set on 4 ohm or 6 ohm, speakers are 8 ohm. Last time I've set the amp on 6 ohm, is this correct?

Never dusted or cleaned apart the chaing of the HDMI motherboard on warrenty after 2-3 years of use. There were some cronic issues with that i remember.

Any suggestion is more then welcome, thank you.


If your speakers are 8 ohm then the receiver should be set to 8 ohm. By setting to 6 ohm there is a chance that the voltage will raise the operating temperature. Old receivers or amps can suffer component breakdown, capacitors etc, which when heated up to operating temperature can fail leading to shut downs. Dust is another major issue on older equipment.

There are people on here that can help you to diagnose or even repair the unit but with equipment of that age perhaps components are hard to come buy or may even make the whole repair uneconomical.


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Thank you.
The problem is that the AMP does not have the 8ohm setting.
During the summer the AMP was used to be quite hot and also in the past the PS3 and PS4 nights put some pressure on it.
Payed 400€ back in the days, 2008 or 2009, had a happy and long life after all.
For the same price i can vuy a superior product nowadays but i don't need any of the fancy stuff, BT, WiFi, ethernet..
Let's see what the technician says after the check of the interior.
I can risk 50-70€ on it.

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