onkyo samsung lg for around £300


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Hello guys i did have a logitech z5500 but decided to get rid
and no thinking of an upgrade not sure what the best bang for my buck will be heard a lot about onkyo setups but wondered if the samsung or lg setups are as good your help would be very usefull :smashin:


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The Logitech systems are meant to sound quite good. Presumably you're looking at the likes of the HTS-3405 etc.? These are basic AV Receiver and speaker packages. They do a job but won't set the world alight when it comes to sound quality. The speakers are not that great but for £200-300 you can't expect much. You would expect an increase in sound quality but that's going to be subjective, so I would urge you to try and get a listen if you can. Unfortunately getting a demo of cheaper equipment is quite hard. These sorts of systems are basically sold as seen as the mark up is minimal and giving demos and shelf space costs. Dealers can make a lot more from more expensive kit. You will gain a lot in terms of flexibility and functionality though. I don't have any experience of the latest all-in-ones from Samsung or LG. The old stuff wasn't that good but Samsung have come on in leaps and bounds. What do you have to connect?

I would search for your proposed systems. Maybe you'll get lucky and find someone who has upgraded from an all-in-one or Logitech setup such as yours to the likes of the Onkyo packages.

IMO, to really consider an upgrade, I would loo at doubling the budget and getting separates. An AV Receiver at around £200-250 plus the same on speakers would get you a far better increase in sound quality.


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Thanks mate thats very nice of you to reply so quick
i think my max budget would be £350 thinking that that would buy me a
ONKYO HTS5405 not sure if there is a system for the same price thats any better ?:smashin:

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