Onkyo RZ810 Gapless Playback


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Hello ...

I am here because I am confused..

I have the RZ810 and I bought it because I thought it is capable of mostly everything... I recently discovered that it cannot play gapless audio in many formats..
I have all my music over a DLNA.. I have the following questions:

1- over normal Flac, it plays gapless.. sometimes it does not.. write "Connecting" then the song play... is this an issue in network buffering ?

2- Flac 192, it does not play gapless over DLNA.. Again.. is this statement correct?

3- DSD...Do not play gapless .. is this correct ? even I tried copying the DSD on a USB and it did not play gapless ..there was clear cuts between songs

4- Can I put all my music over an external HD? Can I plug it to the RZ810 and play my music? will the RZ read the external HD ?

5- Is there a difference in quality if streaming was from USB or HD versus DLNA?

I have most of my music in hi-res... How can I play them gapless and in the best quality on this model?

Sorry for the many questions... but I am confused at this stage


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