Onkyo receiver keeps cutting out when playing DVDs


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I have a Sony BDP-S363 blu-ray player and a Toshiba XV50 TV. I have just bought an Onkyo HT-S5305 HTIB. I have connected the blu-ray player to the receiver via HDMI cable, and the receiver to the TV via HDMI cable. When I play a blu-ray disc, this works perfectly, but if I try to play a DVD or CD on the blu-ray player, it keeps cutting out every few seconds (blue screen on the TV and no sound, then flickers, then comes back on for a few seconds, and repeats). Even the home page of the blu-ray player flickers like this - the only time I get steady output is when playing a blu-ray disc. If I connect the blu-ray player directly to the TV without going through the receiver, it all works fine.

Initially, it would not show any picture or sound at all when playing a DVD, but I turned off the 'lip-sync' feature on the TV, and it started working intermittently, as described above, so I am suspicious that it is something to do with the interaction between the receiver and the TV rather than the blu-ray player itself, although why it only happens with DVDs and not blu-ray discs I cannot understand.

I phoned hughesdirect (where I got the onkyo from), who did not have a clue. I phoned onkyo, and am waiting for them to phone me back. Anybody here ever heard of anything like this, or any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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