Onkyo receiver causing Xbox One S disconnect and white flashes


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I have a Xbox One S and a Samsung KS8000 4K TV. Everything was working fine, but when i just upgraded and got a new receiver - the xbox now looses connection (goes black for a short time) or flashes white blocks on half the screen. Strangely this does't occur if I am playing a 4k game like Forza Horizon 3 or watching a 4K blu-ray. But on the xbox dashboard or in a game like overwatch it happens. Sometimes much more often then others but enough its no usable. But I didn't have this issue when going through the TV. Anyone have similar issues and suggestion on what can be done? Receiver works fine with PS4 Pro and Apple TV and other inputs.


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Probably a HDMI handshaking issue between the new receiver and Xbox.

Check for a firmware update associated with the receiver you own in case the manufacturer has already fixed it, you could try swapping out HDMI cables but that a longshot. Some receivers require a 4K/HDR/HDCP2.2 mode to be set manually as well but you may already have set that.


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Just here to write that all my problems got fixed after switching to much shorter HDMI cables. It is a bit annoying because I need to place the HDR-friendly devices all very close to the AV receiver, but having 1/1.5m cables from Xbox/PS4 to the AV receiver, and a 1m cable from the receiver to the TV fixced all these issues.

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