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Onkyo receiver advice - tone/loudness controls?



Hi all, Noobie here.

I'm looking to replace my venerable old stereo receiver. I'm addicted to power and I was using it to drive AR-90 and big JBL monitors as speakers A and B, driving both pairs at the same time as a stereo. It died a glorious, manly death. May it rest in pieces. :thumbsup:

So now I'm searching and I am utterly amazed at the stuff receivers do nowdays. I've read reviews out the wazoo and I've rejected many brands. I seem to be settling down on Onkyo as a brand, largely because they're available for cheap on Ebay I can get power for not a lot of cash.

Onkyo DS939 appeals to me, it has about 120w for 5 channels. Even better are the Onkyo receivers that do Net Tune, and I can hook up my internet server with 20,000 MP3s and listen all day. Ideal, but massively expensive to do that.

So... I'm sort of settling down on a DS-939 unless people can point me a better direction. I'm not a brand prude... 3 weeks ago I detested "Oinko" receivers and now I'm pretty much sold. I have a nice set of Denon sources but I know how pricy it is... yikes.

I asked an online seller today about controls on a 939 he has for sale. He gave a non-answer... he said it's adjustable. Thanks a lot. :boring:

Specifically I'd like to know if Onkyo or other similar receivers nowdays can easily/simply operate as a stereo receiver. I don't want to adjust the bass/treble with onscreen controls. I'd like to turn a knob and punch a button for "loudness".

I'd like to drive 4 speakers good and hard, and I could care less about 5.1 surround etc. I'll eventually hook up a DVD player and listen to my big speakers while I watch a movie, but they'll all be in front of me, hopefully peeling the flesh from my face. :smashin:

So can anyone help me? The stereo salespeople here in town are teenagers with zero REAL experience. I've been doing stereos for decades, and am over my head with all the digital mumbo jumbo. I just want to hook up a CD player, 4 speakers, and ruin my hearing again. The Onkyo I'm about to bite on Ebay is $500 and it's 800w 5.1 (though I believe about half that power rating).

Thank you all! -Bob in Alaska


Okay, simpler question... do modern Onkyo Integra receivers have simple bass / treble knobs and loudness switch? Specifically DS939?



Distinguished Member
hello there :)

its possible answers to your questions are a little slow in coming because this is the section for AV Amps & Receivers, not Hifi Stereo Amps & Receivers....most people in here are looking for 5.1 decoding ability and video conversion abilities ;)

i'll move the thread for you to the general Hifi section, hopefully you'll get advice more suited to your questions :)


Thanks! The reason I posted in the A/V section is, the Onkyo is an A/V amp and I doubted the people in Hi-fi would know about that specific detail. There are Onkyos more dedicated to Hi-fi use, and it looks like that's the route I'll take... information about tone controls is pretty sparse here.



I think Bass/treble loudness controls are a bit redudant now with dolby digital/DTS. I think the idea is about keeping a pure digital signal and not mucking about with it too much.

I think on my amp there are some controls but there are the 'jazz club' 'stadium' type stuff.

There's a long review of it here.

I think the last amp i had with bass and treble was a Sherwood amp and that was a few years and amps ago. Sorry I can't help.

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