Onkyo Pr-Rz 5100 + Onkyo TX-NR777 streaming - 4 zones


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I have 2 Onkyo receivers set up in my house for a total of 4 zones. 2 zones on the 5100 and 2 only the 777. They are on the same WiFi network and are controlled with the Onkyo app. I can see all 4 zones on the app, but I cannot find a way to stream the SAME music to these 4 zones. Both receivers have Apple TV’s hooked up.

The first option I tried was Airplay 2. I can stream via Airplay 2 to both of the Apple TV’s fine. Unfortunately, Airplay is not supported on zone 2 of the 777. I guess the 777 only supports zone 2 from analog sources? I even tried connecting the zone 2 ouput on the back of the receiver t to an input to try and bypass this, but it didn’t work. Thus, in the airplay to Apple TV scenario I can get 3 of the 4 zones to work.

The second option I tried is using Tidal, which is built in to both receivers. I can get Tidal to sometimes play on all 4 zones, but not synched up. I can get one track playing on the 2 zones on the 5100 and a separate track playing on the 2 zones on the 777. But not the same track playing on both receivers on all 4 zones.

The third option I tried was Play- Fi. This is apparently Onkyo’s multi room audio solution. However, the biggest flaw I have have found is it does not play on zone 2 or 3. This seems to be pretty well documented across multiple forums, and is certainly the case for me, even with the flagship RZ 5100. Pretty disappointing, really. If this is your multi room solution and it won’t play on zones 2 and 3,

The fourth option I tried was Chromecast built in. It has the same issue as the Airplay
- it’s not supported on Zone 2, at least of the 777.

Maybe I’m missing something here, but is it possible that there really is no way to play simultaneous music on multiple zones with these receivers?

I know there are potential solutions like buying separate play fi receivers to distribute to the multiple zones, but that seems so cumbersome.

Any thoughts on this dilemma are welcome.


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I'm really interested in a response to this question too as I have a similar dilemma with a mate that just moved into an aprtment with 7 zones- Two bedrooms, kitchen, balcony, 2 bathrooms. The speakon connectors are all in the living room.
I'm looking for suggestions for either a processor & amplifer combo , or AV receivers.

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