Onkyo owners - a quick question regarding Zone2 and Harmony


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Wondering if someone can help me....

I have the following devices that I want to control:

LG 50PS3000
LG BR360
Virgin V+
Onkyo 605
Media PC (Running Windows 7)
3 x IR Light Switches

Currently I can control the light switches (on/off/dim) via the Onkyo remote (I taught it the controls).

I need a remote that will allow me to control Zone2 (on/off/input/volume) on the Onkyo Amp as I use that to output music to the kitchen. For example I can listen to a CD in the kitchen while my wife watches TV in the lounge.

The Blu-Ray player and V+ are plugged into the amp via HDMI and the MediaPC is run directly to the Plasma via a seperate HDMI so I would need to change the input on the TV as well.

Just out of interest if for example I wanted to watch a blu-ray, I would press the relevant "watch dvd" (having programmed it to switch on the tv, blu-ray player and switch the amp to the relevant input). If I then wanted to check the football scores I would select "watch tv" (which would switch on the V+ box) would it then switch off the Blu-Ray? In other words if I change inputs does it switch off the last input or leave it on?

What sort of controller should I be looking at? The One? Ideally I'd go for the gadget factor of the 1100 but the lack of coloured buttons (and the price) put me off!



With the default settings of a Harmony the Activities naturally do turn off devices that are no longer needed, turn on new ones, and make any necessary input changes, but you can easily change from the defaults to cover situations like leaving the BluRay playing while you do something else.
The colour buttons on the 1100 screen are excellent, and so is the gadget factor, but the One or any other model would handle your devices.
What lights do you have that can be controlled by IR?
A poster in an adjacent thread wants some like that.


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That would be me :) as above any details on the ir sockets you have would be handy.
Here you go - 1 Gang 2 Way 600w IQ Master Remote Dimmer Switch - Brushed Chrome

I've got three of them (two 600w controling the halogen spot lights in both the kitchen and lounge ceilings and a 400w controling two wall lights). They are soft start so good if you have halogen spots.

To each it an IR command, you press the button on the switch six times (iirc), the lights then cycle through their settings and you simply press the required button the remote you want to control them.


So you can just use any spare commands from the Harmony?


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So you can just use any spare commands from the Harmony?
Excellent, that's what I wanted to know.

I am I right in thinking that each light would count as a device?

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