Onkyo NR616 sound issues.


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I know, I know...... another in a long line of Onkyo sound problems, but I wondered if anyone else gets the issue I get?

I get no sound via the ARC at start up anymore, but sometimes if I scroll through all of the menus, turning things off and on, I can get it going. So I know it isn't a connection issue. The last few days, all I have had to do is a factory re-set on the remote control, and then it works. When doing this, I always choose the 'NET' input, so that I know it is going to kick in to life when I see the 'Initializing' process begin.

Coupled with this, if I go into the set-up mode on the OSD, the only option I get is the red toolbox - all the others are greyed out. But once it has 'initialized', all of the options are then in full colour and selectable (currently, I am unable to get it to initialize' so I can't see what the options are, and only remember the Firmware Update option from memory.

Once the system is working normally, I can turn the system on and off with no issues, but if it is turned off for any length of time (such as overnight), it goes back into the same status, and we start all over again.

Therefore, I am led to think it is a set-up selection error, and not a malfunction, otherwise it would work or it wouldn't. Does that sound right? As on the TV, the volume slider still shows the Receiver name as I increase or decrease it, I just get no sound unless it initialises. Switching the source from HDMI2 (the ARC channel on my Samsung TV) back to the TV source, it says 'Disconnecting Anynet Device' and I don't remember it doing that before. I still get sound via the ARC when it does this though if it is working following the initializing sequence. The golden ticket seems to be stopping it 'un-initializing' itself and whatever causes it.

I'm at a loss as to what to do now. I have googled and searched and read many threads, but no one seems to have the exact same issue. It was all working so well until recently.

On a side issue - how do you get the display to show what is plugged into each port when you select it? I know it can do it other than just showing BD/DVD, but actually showing 'Amazon Firestick' for instance.

I hope this made sense!

Thanks in advance.

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