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Onkyo NR515 v Denon 2113


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I have just upgraded my TV to the Sony 46HX753, purchased a pair of 3D glasses and was looking forward to watching some 3D contect untill I realised my Denon 1910 amp is not compatable!

I have narrowed it down to a shortlist of two, the Onkyo and Denon and they will be used with B&W M-1 surround speakers.
Main uses will be blu rays and gaming via my PS3. I sometimes listen to music in this system and felt the denon 1910 could do better, even with the limitations of my set up.

Any ideas which to go for and any others I should consider?
I will also be upgrading my HDMI cable and was thinking about the wireworld chroma



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At the moment (and I'm speaking as an owner), I don't consider the NR515 to be a mature enough product. Read this forum or the Onkyo US support forum Onkyo USA Product Support Forum and look at the problems a lot of people are having with the 515 and the similar 616 - my own problems are very much at the lower end of this scale. I think that subsequent firmware revisions will eventually solve most of these problems, and there's no denying that it's an impressive sounding amp for the money. However, I really think that the time is probably not right to buy one at the moment.


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The Denon is at least a level above the Onkyo so should represent better sound quality hence would be the one I would go for.
As for the HDMI cable there is no need to spend that much on a cable and it will give you no gains over one costing less than £10. Just get the cheapest high speed cable that you can (with reasonable build quality) and no need to spend more than £10 unless getting a very long cable.


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Just wondered why you thought the 2113 was `at least a level above` the 515 ? The difference in price between the Denon and the Onkyo is £50 .The Denon has Airplay and a better Audyssey but the Onkyo has more power and HDMI Inputs /Outputs . Build quality - weight etc - looks similar as well.
I understand that last year the Denon 2112 was on another level to the Onkyo 509/609 but for me the Denon 2113 looks more like a `beefed up` 1912 rather than a `slimmed down` 2112 .


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Although the 515 is billed as a replacement for the 609 I am not so sure since it is still a 5 series Onkyo although I am happy to be proved wrong on this. The better Audyssey on the Denon should help as well with room correction. The Denon IMHO will also work better with the OPs speakers. The best way is for the OP to demo both and let their own ears decide.


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i was looking at the Denon 2113 a couple of weeks ago and people in the know were placing it on par with/reviewing it next to the Onkyo 616.

even though the 515 is the replacement to the old 609 a lot of sites say that the true replacement is the 616, and the 616 is what i was comparing the Denon 2113 to.

I would imagine the 2113 is better than the 515, but not as good as a fully working 616.

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