Onkyo Nr1009 Help, Trying to do 2 things at once? can it be done? thank you


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Hi folks, i would be grateful if someone can shed any light on this please, basically i have set up my cinema room, and i have the onkyo nr1009 amp and i am trying to run 2 things at once? for instance, i have the ps3 on but would like to listen to music from spotify at the same time? or even the radio?? have looked everywhere and just cant find any information out on this? can this be done and if so can you tell me how you managed to do it please? thank you regards Lee

Everything is connected Hdmi v1.4 with ethernet
and the amp has ethernet directly connected if this helps, cheers

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Do you want the PS3 sound and spotify playing at the same time? If so then this can not be done. If you had another source connected to the amp via analogue or optical/coaxial then you could assign this to the HDMI input for the PS3. You could then listen to this source while playing the PS3 but you would then not have the PS3 sound. If you wanted both to play together then you will need an external mixer or maybe have another pair of speakers connected to Zone 2 on the amp (and then again be able to play analogue inputs on these speakers).


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I was thinking of playing songs and the ps3 at the same time, on the amp its Game and then the Net but i can only figure out how to play each 1 individually, its a nightmare really, thanks mate
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