Onkyo HTX22HDX Causing White Flashes


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Looking for a little help with an Onkyo HTX22HDX I've recently added between my Blu Ray & TV.
I've had a Panasonic DMP-BD35 & a Samsung LE46F86BD for a couple of years now with no problems.
A couple of weeks ago, I inherited an Onkyo HTX22HDX and now experience picture loss when using both the Blu-Ray and the Virgin media box via the Onkyo (using HDMI).
So far, the X-Box 360 (also via HDMI) seems unaffected.
The problem is that periodically I see either sections of the screen flashing white (< 1sec), or less frequently; complete blackouts lasting for up to 5 seconds.
I read some forums and the suggestion seems to be that cable bandwidth limitations are the cause, and more expensive cables will fix it.
I dutifully went off and purchased a pair of 3D Ready v1.4 Gold HDMI Cable HD Leads (2m); but the problem still occurs.
I've found that physically sepparating the cables from each other reduces the problem somewhat (crosstalk - fair enough); but it still happens frequently enough to be annoying.
The fact that the old cables were all perfectly adequate for two years makes me more inclined to blame the new link in the chain.
It feels more like a dodgy port on the Onkyo to me.
So I phoned them; and they blamed the cables too.
Quite how the bandwidth should suddenly become an issue when I introduce surround sound is beyond me.
Does the Onkyo introduce additional overhead between itself and the TV or something?
Or is it's CPU just not up to the job?
Anyway; before I start going down the Monster Cables PR waffle £50 per cable route; I thought I'd ask if any of you AVForums gurus could shed any light.


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Incidentally; I'm aware I could use fibre for sound and HDMI for picture; but I feel that I shouldn't have to.


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