Onkyo hts3305b and ps3 problem, or is it?


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hi guys first post been a browser for a while which led me from reading posts to get the above system, its probably the best i could afford on a budget and im quite happy with it accept i have one issue or maybe it isnt hence the question coming up.

right i have the above system and i have a dreamboc 800hd going to one hdmi input and the fat ps3 going to another hdmi in and a hdmi from the hdmi out to my tv.

<---hdmi from dream box in to amp----->
<---hdmi from ps3 into amp---->
<---hdmi from amp hdmi output to tv---->

all working well and ive set the ps3 to pcm as its the fat ive also set hdmi sound to manual and ticked all required boxes for the different sound outputs.

dreambox works fine via dvi to hdmi lead switches between 5.1 ect ok...

now the issue, i can set a game going and i'll get pcm 5.1 showing on the amp for playing a game (think ive seen dd 5.1 too if i set it to game mode)..

i get pcm 5.1 showing on the amp when i insert a blueray, i can set blueray to true-hd-ma ect.... via the on screen display and sound settings, but heres the thing, i only seem to be getting 48khz sample sound showing on the tv's on screen display via the trainagle button on ps3.

now i though maybe im wrong that i would be able to get more than 48khz sample rate but for the life of me i can get that to change.

now is this a fat ps3 issue and hmdi issue or is it that 48 is the only output?

all sounds great what ever i have on to my ears, but im sure i should be able to get more than that sample rate.

double checked the hdmi sound setting and under manual all the boxes are ticked for higher sample rates but i only ever get 48khz.

whats up guys? something? nothing? hdmi lead?

thanks in advance.
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