ONKYO HT-S5405B Reliability


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I have heard lots of good things about this receiver but one thing I am very uncertain about is its reliability is the onkyo brand quite reliable or not please answer the following for me.

  1. Does this particular model suffer with the rubbish HDMI board that keeps dieing.
  2. How hot does it run / does it overheat.
  3. How much care to ventilation should i give with this model.
  4. Does the subwoofer have issues. (I have heard of this on this model).
  5. How long will it last / how long have other people had theirs / have they had any problems.
  6. Any other problems i should be aware of.

Also are the included speakers any good do they give good crisp sound.

Thanks for any help you can give :)


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please help me as I am planning to purchase this and I would feel much better about it if I new it was quality rather than rubbish.


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Check out the HT-S5405 owners thread. Should have answers to your questions.
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