Onkyo HT-S5305B sub faulty?


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Hello do all the Onkyo HT-S5305B systems have the faulty subwoofers?

I heard that during a quiet moment in a movie, say when its going on for more than 10mins the sub will "click" or "pop" like it was just switched on!?

This is highly annoying and recognised as "faulty".

Any ideas on if this affects all models or just a few?

Has Onkyo created a fixed firmware yet?

Please reply!



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somebody from another forum was giving advice on a similar system saying:

I know that when the receiver's volume is low and there's not a lot of bass in the audio track of the movie, the subwoofer will not engage, but when there's more bass in the movie or when you turn up the volume, the bass will kick in.

You have to crank up that puppy to a respectable level and get the full effect of that movie. Turn it up to about 67 or 68 and see if that makes a difference.
So does that mean most users have there HT-S5305B too low?

I hope somebody can shed some light as im 70% going to purchase this system.


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I don't like to bump old things around on forums but I am considering this and wondering if this issue has been resolved yet?

Also, would an owner of this care to tell me the length of the cables..? Notably for the subwoofer... I would be having it with the receiver at the back of the room and ideally the sub further forward in the room, would this be possible?

Thanks :)


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I received an answer from the service. But whne is this going to be solved....???

The answer is:
"this issue is reported to our R&D department.
We are still waiting for a solution.

Kind regards

Andreas Krämer
ONKYO Europe Electronics GmbH
Assistant Service Manager
Bliersheimer Str. 80B
47229 Duisburg / Germany"

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