Onkyo HT-S3405B 5.1 AV Receiver and Speaker System

Have you thought about using the search function? There are numerous threads on these. For £200 it's fine but it has a passive sub. There is a Yamaha option with a powered sub that might be a better option.

They will give you HD audio from your PS3.
Actually it was the first time in ages that I hadn't tried searching first. :blush:

Thanks for the response though. Saw it as hot on HUKD. As usual I am now looking at all sorts of alternatives... :suicide:
In March I bought one of the Onkyo HTIB for 350 based around the Onkyo SR508. Seemed OK but broke down quick. All sorts of Onkyo issues with handshakes, subwoofers and HDMI blah blah blah. Sent it back to Genserve today to try and get it fixed.

Instead recently bought some Canton MX 125 (300) and a budget Sony receiver (250). Blows the Onkyo package away. The Onkyo bundled speakers are not good when compared against the Canton. As expected perhaps given the price differential.

But if on a budget I'd rather save and spend 550 to get something that cuts the mustard rather than 200 and get something that I'm going to want to upgrade in months. Seems to make sense to me.

Depends on what you want it for I suppose and how stretched your bankroll is. Paying more and more is an easily seductive malaise but never again a budget Onkyo HTIB for me.

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