Onkyo HT-R693 through Neet HD base T extender not working.


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Hopefully someone can help me (or send me in the right direction).

I have the amp set up in a cupboard at the back of the house and the signal sent to my tv at the front of the house via a neet HD BaseT extender.

If I plug my bt box or blu ray player directly into the neet extender then the picture and sound will go to my TV perfectly. However if I plug either of them into the amp then into the neet, nothing appears on the screen and there is no sound through the speakers.

Also if I plug the bt box into the amp via hdmi into the amp then I will get sound through the speakers as long as the amp hdmi out is not connected to the neet. As soon as I plug it into the neet then the sound stops.

I've done a lot of tests and come to the conclusion that it must be the amp communicating (or rather not) with the neet extender. Does anyone have any ideas what the issue might be?

Thanks for reading.
Ok looks like its HDBaseT, and therefore looks lik eits niot sending through any handshaking information (or the wrong information) .

What is the resolution output on the amp set at, does the amp upscale the video ?


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Hi Guys, thanks for the replies and sorry about the delay in replying. Been crazy busy recently.

"Handshake" <<< That was the problem, I hadn't heard of it before and once I looked it up it all became clear.

I had done a hard reset on the amp but didn't realise this wouldn't solve any underlying HDMI issues. So basically I did I.T. 101 and totally shut-down everything at the plug then restarted it all and it all worked. :)

Thanks again for your eagerness to help and to all the other members on here whose posts have helped me in the past.

Hopefully this weekend I'll get to experience Dolby Atmos in my own front room.

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