Onkyo HT-R518 AV Receiver upgrade


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Hello all,

I currently have a rather nice Onkyo HT-R518 AV Receiver as part of a HTIB which has stood me in good stead for a while now and does almost everything I could ever want... But I am thinking of selling it and using the proceeds towards a new AV Receiver, and there's problems which I need your help with.

I'll break down into a few bullet points now and try to provide all of the pertinent information I can.

  • Approximately how much would my Onkyo HT-R518 AV Receiver be worth if I chose to sell it?
  • Considering my unique circumstances, am I likely to see a worthwhile upgrade in audio quality with a new low end/cheap Receiver?
  • Is there another way that I could increase my audio quality for little to zero financial outlay?

Alright, I use my AV Receiver and sound system mainly for the radio (Digital radio through Virgin Media cable, hooked up via SCART/Phono?) and PC Gaming (Creative X-Fi Fatal1ty Pro -> DTS signal over optical cable -> Onkyo Receiver (picks up DTS signal correctly) -> Wharfedale Diamond 9.1/9.cc Fronts and old Onkyo surrounds/subwoofer). My PC is also my music player (FLAC/MP3 mix) and the occasional movie. The radio quality I get is fine but I am considering what to do next to improve the quality of audio from my PC. This Onkyo Receiver also packs Audyessey EQ2 and Audyessey Dynamic EQ which I use.

PC with Creative X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty Pro sound card and AMD HD7950 graphics card (can output audio over HDMI)
Onkyo HT-R518 AV Receiver (PDF Manual)
Wharfedale Diamond 9.1 + 9.CC Fronts connected by QED Silver Anniversary XT cable
Onkyo SKF-518F speakers as surrounds
Onkyo SKW-518 powered subwoofer (I believe that is the correct terminology)
LG 47LG5010 LCD HDTV (my PC display, if it's relevant)

Considering: Selling Onkyo Receiver and X-Fi sound card. Buying a cheap AV Receiver (TEAC AGD200) that will take the audio from my graphics card over HDMI.

Also Considering: Using a different output from my soundcard to my AV Receiver. Potentially higher quality audio transport?

Budget: Non-existent. To buy I would have to sell. So any suggestions would have to be low end (definitely not over £150). I am okay with buying Used if the best bargains are to be found there.

I think I have covered every point but I'm not sure it's presented right or easy to follow. However, I'll be around often enough to update as necessary.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any advice provided.


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I have the TEAC AGD200 is a good amp fine for 5.1 and movies however I think music sounds a bit harsh for me.
Though they are crap load of settings to play with and I have not really played with them all yet so maybe it might be able to sound better.
However my 2 channel NAD amp is just so much better.
Though the TEAC does go really loud and on Blu Rays the 5.1 is really good on my JVC speakers.

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