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onkyo/hdxe1.....cant' find the rear speakers.


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I'm probably doing something wrong and King fats is bound to tell me what I've done stupidly wrong.

I just bought an Onkyo 605 to upgrade to HDMI . My HDXE1 worked fine using 6 phono analogue outs on my old AV amp. Ive plugged the HD player into the amp and the amp out into my PJ. I've set the audio settings to Tru HD on 300 and Blade runner but I cannot get any sound from the back speakers unless I use a DSP setting on the amp.

I think I am correct in setting the amp to 'DIRECT' to get dolby digital/truHD.
This is what I have done but nothing in the back 2 speakers.

Now this is where it gets wierd, test tone from the amp sends a hiss to all 5 speakers, test tone from the HDXE1 plays the front speakers only even whe it says it is sending it to the back !!!!! I am soo confused. Is the amp faulty or the HDMI cable ????

HDXE1 settings


ONKYO setting

listening mode - DIRECT.

whats going on ?:lease:


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sounds right for a 5.1 track.

you will need to mix the two rear.

hang on you have a 5.1 set up? and the surrounds are set to which speaker out puts? the surround or the rear?


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Ok, moved surround to surround back.....Now I have no sound whatsoever coming from the HDXE1 and and no rear sound on the test tone from the amp.
I've ran the mic speaker set up and it stops after it fails to find the surround speaker. Original speaker set up seems correct at surround for 5.1 . Hoping to get 2 more speakers for 7.1 tomorrow ( If the amp works properly !!!!)


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Moved the speaker cable back to original positions and tested the amp using optical from the 360....................fine.
Then tested the HDXE1 using optical.....................fine.
Now there is no sound at all coming out from the HDMI input.
Does this mean the cable is faulty ???


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could be the HDMI cable or the input on the amp
try the other HDMI input on the amp.
Silly question, but you have got the right HDMI "audio" input set to correct source

for example oNKyo/setup/input assign/digital audio input/dvd (if the XE1 is on this input/HDMI (whatever HDMI input you are using the XE1 on)
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i would put it down to an AMP setting.

Cant remember what was important on mine but i am sure Mr Fats will be allong soon with the info.

Sorry KingFats


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Gonna hook up my blu ray player and shuffle some cables around to see what happens tonight.


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On the XE1:
Direct Digital Audio should be ON for bitstream HD formats

On the 605:
Set Dolby True HD to Dolby True HD, DTS-MA to DTS-MA etc. in the Listening Mode Preset menu (5)
Hardware Setup (7), HDMI (5), HDMI Audio Out - OFF
Surround speakers should be in Surround Left & Right for 5.1 (not Surround Back)
Run the Audyssey setup again

That should be it...
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WOO HOO............ Tru HD from both Blu and HDDDVD players. Looking great and sounding excellent........... cheers for the help fellas:smashin:


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I'm pretty sure it was your hardware set up advice on the onkyo.
HDMI audio out was set to on..... nice one chap :thumbsup:

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