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onkyo hdcp problem


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Since i have connected my PC via dvi-hdmi to my onkyo SR 606. I have been havind hdcp problems. Cyberlink reports back digital without hdcp, so i am uable to play my hd dvds and blu ray.
Deos anybody know a soloution to this?


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Depends on what route you want to go down. Slysoft AnyDVD-HD will circumvent HDCP (it also strips region coding on dvds/blu-rays).
The other way is to connect the PC directly to your TV via VGA (assuming you have a VGA connection on your tv)...

Hope that helps...


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thanks for the reply newman.
I use to have it connected directly to the tv with dvi-hdmi no problem.
I am now using anydvd but i shouldn't have to use it if you know what i mean.
I may just revert to the original setup but that defeats the object.

I have noticed that my nvidia control panel is noticing the SR606 as a display and i think that is where the problem lies


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I am having a similar problem with my ATI based card. When connected to my Panny Plasma the HDCP works as the TV is seen as a digitial display in the graphics card options.

However when it is routed through the 606 then its the Onkyo thats seen as the display, even when the 606 is set to pass through.

And like KingBaka, the solution of routing the PC seperately into the TV isnt an option I want to use as I want to be able to quickly change between sources via the amp.

Is there anyone using either an Nvidia or ATI card that can see the TV rather than tha amp? I'm happy to upgrade the Graphics if someone can confirm that their setup works.




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I thought it best to give an update on this as a resolution is always welcome when your searching for something on a forum.

Basically I was left with the options of either replacing the GPU or purchasing Slysoft AnyDVD-HD.

I would rather spend money on new hardware so took the plunge and purchased an ATI 3650 GPU and this fixed all the problems, screen resolution, HDCP and all the issues with the Onkyo, it only cost me £42 (as of December 2008) and I now have the setup that I have been aspiring for.

I hope my resolution helps.




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well done chap for replying with an answer!

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