Onkyo HD music app not syncing any more.


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have the Onkyo app installed on my Samsung Galaxy Note 20, but it doesn't seem to be showing newly added music after I sync.

I used to be able to just drag and drop new music folders into the relevant artist folder, then sync. When I do that now and then sync it doesn't show any of the new albums.

Is there something I am doing wrong, or is there a recommended way to add new music to the phone?
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Are you talking about the Onkyo HF Player app?

I've previously had issues where I've added an album but it didn't appear where I thought it should appear. It turned out that it didn't like the special characters in "Róisín Murphy" and had replaced them with something else, meaning that album wasn't with her other albums.

I don't know if you're having a similar issue or are you saying the new albums are not appearing anywhere? If you don't already do so, I would check the metadata on the music files you're trying to add to make sure it looks right.


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No, that doesn't seem to apply to this issue. Standard names throughout.
I add the folders by drag and drop - into the artist folder on the card. Then sync. No newly added music shows within the relevant artist folders. When I manually search for the new music, I can find it easily.

Will check out the metadata - I use mp3tag to do that. It also happens with music bought online.


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We may have the app set up differently so I need some clarification.

When you say "No newly added music shows within the relevant artist folders", are you talking about the 'Folder' tab in the app? I have that tab unticked and use the 'Album Artist' tab by default. Have you tried using that tab to see if the new music appears on that list?

If you can find the new music through searching then it seems like the app has synced it but you just can't see it on the tab you're using, for whatever reason.

I also use Mp3tag.

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