Onkyo DVD player flash stick slot - mp3 vs FLAC


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Hey guys,

I've been successively taking advantage of Onkyo's slot for flash sticks using them for playing mp3 content. That works perfectly. Now FLAC loseless codec gave the better output, as they say, CD quality. i am constantly increasing the quota of my FLAC library and the same time, getting upset Onkyo cannot see/play those files.

Encoding/decoding FLAC doesnt make sense. Does this mean my Onkyo will never play FLAC? I am thinking of a similar format being recognizable by Onkyo but still loseless, anyway, spending hours encoding... crap.

What about the latest DVD players?
Tomek Szałkowski


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My 906 plays FLAC files as long as they are plugged in to it via USB, so far I've not been able to stream them (but then I am using Windows Media Player for streaming so perhaps something like TVersity would solve that?).

The FLAC format is actually capable of better than CD quality - for example, there is a limited edition USB drive that has every Beatles album in 24 bit FLAC format. But for those of us who merely rip our CDs then CD quality is the best you'll get from FLAC.

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