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Value is very subjective it all depends what you want. Most BR players perform to a similar level in terms of PQ and AQ it's the extra features that differentiate them really. If your asking if that price is good for that specific player, just search online see if you can find it cheaper?? I've used Superfi a few times in the past as I had a good experience the first time I used them, dealing with Cust Serv etc and their prices are often good.

If I was buying a BR player IRO £100 I'd go for a Sony everytime. They just seem to me to be the most robust with the least issues etc.. But it all depends what exactly you want from a player etc etc..

What do you mean by a good match? if you mean visually then yes, it's got the same name on the front so you'll probably not get a better match. If you mean in terms of it being a good player to go with your amp, then it's pretty irrelevent in your case as I suspect you'll use HDMI for video and Audio direct into your 808, in which case any other BR player will be just as good a match.
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