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Onkyo AV-Amps (1007) setup for 2 displays (e.g. PJ & Plasma)


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My Onkyo 1007 AV-AMP has been doing my head in with losing the sound and coming up as "Analog".

So, I've spent 2.5 hours mucking about with it and now have my head round it, so would like to share my findings.

I have 2 Displays connected via HDMI (Optoma HD200X 1080p Projector & Pioneer 436 XDE Plasma) and tested with 3 of my HDMI input sources (Virgin V+ box, WDTV box & Sony 370 Blu Ray player).

The PJ accepts anything : 1080p60, 1080p50, 1080p24, 1080i60, 1080i50, 720i60, 720i50 etc ...

The Pioneer Plasma is not full HD with a resolution of 1024x768 and accepts 1080p24, 1080i60, 1080i50, 720i60, 720i50, etc

I had erroneously set up my Sony BR Player to output 1080p. This was a bad mistake, always set it to AUTO!!!!

Reason being when set to AUTO it indulges in handshaking with the far end and they both end up negotiating the highest picture quality that each can do.

e.g. BR Player says 1080p24 is here if you want it, PJ says that'll do me and thats what happens

Now the thing about the 1007 that's confused me was those MONITOR OUT settings of BOTH, BOTH (MAIN), BOTH (SUB), HDMI MAIN & HDMI SUB

I connected my PJ to the HDMI MAIN output and the Plasma to HDMI SUB.

Turns out that when you select BOTH(MAIN), it lets the far end auto negotiate with the display connected to HDMI MAIN which is the PJ.

So, if the BR disc is 1080p24 I get a picture on both the PJ and the Plasma at the same time!

However, on a disc that is 1080p60 I only get a picture on the PJ and none on the Plasma as the Plasma doesn't support 1080p60 (see the list above)

If I then change the Onkyo 1007 to BOTH(SUB), I get a piture on both the PJ and the Plasma which is 1080i, as that is the best signal the Pioneer Plasma can autonegotiate with that disc. Put the 1080p24 disc back in and that playes fine on both displays as the Plasma can actually play 1080p24 (Actually the first Plasma to support that IIRC!!)

So, I now have my head round this and hope this can be of help to fellow Onkyo AMP owners!

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